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Rustic Living: Vacation in the Woods


Living the Rustic Dream

Tired of working every single day and having to fight the bustle of the city? Or would you like an alone time with your partner away from the kids for a little while? Or maybe you just want some peace and quiet alone somewhere unknown. A beach is also a good vacation however it could be filled of people wanting to party and mingle. The best option for you would be to go to a rustic vacation in a cabin log preferably in the forest but not too far away from the conveniences of a town.

Vacationing in a cabin in the woods is one way to find yourself in a peaceful environment surrounded with the pine furniture and trees all around. In the woods or in a forest one can only hear the humming of the birds or the sound of the rustling leaves with a seldom accompanying howl of a wolf or hoot of an owl. For some it could be eerie but there are those who dwell and thrive in silent places where they could think and forget all the worries in the world. But one has to be careful before going to remote places such as this, always do all precautionary measures to be safe.

Contact Different Hotels

Try to widen your horizon and contact different hotels or agencies to keep your options open. And while doing this, always read reviews left by customers or bloggers t assure you that the security and amenities are excellent. There are several websites online that specialize in reviewing hotels and other accommodations, go to these trusted websites and see what each can offer you.

Do Ocular Visits

If it is your first time in a cabin or these kinds of accommodations then take the time to visit the place and see how it actually is. This is possible if the place is only a couple of miles from your place. Sometimes the actual area can be different with those in the pictures. So to avoid major disappointments, see for yourself how the area looks and if it suits your needs.

Plan Ahead

It is good to be spontaneous at times but planning ahead can help ensure your vacation is flawless. This way you can request for some necessities like Wi-Fi connection or hot water as part of your necessary amenities. Not only that but you can also pack your belongings ahead of time so you don’t forget your toothbrush, clothes, or even passport. Ask your boss if you could take some time off so they could arrange for a temporary replacement and you get to keep your job after your stress-free vacation.

Being careful and planning ahead may not be your idea of fun but it could ensure you a stress-free and smooth-sailing vacation. It is not fun if you realized that you are staying in a cabin without any mobile signal for five days or if you have to walk for an hour to be able to eat. Be sure to vacation wisely and always plan ahead.